Since the turn of the year, David Walbank KC has released four new video case reviews on ‘CrimeCast.Law’

January 13, 2023

David Walbank KC has begun 2023 by adding each of the following video reviews to his CrimeCast.Law series ‘The Key Cases Of 2022’.

R v Collins; R v Lewis & Jaffer [2022] 4 WLR 99
Where two sisters were brutally murdered in a London park and police officers guarding the crime scene took and distributed photographs of the corpses, the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) addressed important issues in relation to sentencing for misconduct in public office.

Prusianu v Braila Court of Law [2022] HRLR 19
A court in Romania had issued an Extradition Arrest Warrant for the return of a transgender woman convicted of shoplifting. What was the impact of the requesting state’s failure to respect and have proper regard to her gender identity?

Lewis-Ranwell v G4S Health Services (UK) Ltd [2022] 3 WLR 677
Was the defence of illegality (‘ex turpi causa’) available against an individual who killed three elderly men in their homes but was found not guilty by reason of insanity and acquitted of murder and manslaughter and who then sued for alleged failings in his psychiatric care?

R v Chang (Michael) [2022] 4 WLR 99
The Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) considered whether a police officer, as a servant of the Crown, was exempted from the statutory provisions criminalising the possession of offensive weapons, even when he was off duty.

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