Simon Spence KC reacts to police increase of out of court resolutions

July 19, 2023

Simon Spence was asked for reaction on news that Suffolk Police were increasingly using out of court resolutions (OOCRs) in dealing with crimes such as violence against a person, theft, public order offences, drug offences and criminal damage.

Community resolutions are traditionally used by police to deal with low-level offences through an informal agreement between all parties involved and aimed at mainly first time criminals offering a quick outcome, without going through formal charges and court appearances.

However the Magistrates’ Association has raised concerns that their use had “expanded haphazardly and without appropriate oversight and scrutiny” and OOCRs were being administered for more serious offences.

Simon commented: “I can see that there should be some guidance at least, particularly so you have consistency across the country. At the end of the day the question of whether to prosecute or not ultimately lies with the Crown Prosecution Service. I don’t know what degree of input they have or whether it’s the police deciding not to prosecute and offer a community resolution and it maybe there should be closer co-operation with the Crown Prosecution Service.”

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