Simon Spence KC interviewed on Clare’s Law & Domestic Abuse

February 22, 2023

Simon Spence KC has participated in a “Get Legally Speaking” podcast episode on “Domestic Abuse, Clare’s Law. “Know More & Be Empowered” interviewed by Hattie Suvari.

The podcast examines figures from “The Office of National Statistics” that reveal around 42% of domestic abuse related incidents and crimes, are not reported by the victims, for various reasons. In addition, many victims start a relationship with their abuser without knowing whether their abuser has a past history of having abused others. The podcast examines:

-Clare’s Law, which was created by Michael Brown, after his daughter Clare was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. The inquest into Clare’s death revealed that her ex-boyfriend had a record of violent behaviour against women, which she was not informed of due to a loophole in the Data Protection Act.
-Asks the question whether individuals can protect themselves from being with a serial abuser, either before or upon entering a relationship.
-Are there ways in which individuals can find out if partners, or perhaps a member of a family’s new partner has any history of domestic abuse?

Listen to the conversation here: [Get Legally Speaking]