Simon Spence KC interviewed by BBC Radio London

November 2, 2023

Simon Spence KC spoke to BBC Radio London as government announced further details of the American XL bully dog ban in England and Wales.

The breed will be added to a banned list from 31 December, 2023 under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Simon spoke to Shay Kaur Grewal and reacted to:

-The rules coming into force at the end of year which will make it illegal to breed, sell, advertise, exchange, gift, rehome, abandon or allow to stray XL bully dogs in England and Wales.
-From 1 February 2024, it will become illegal to own an XL bully dog if it is not registered on the index of exempted dogs, and the animals will be subject to restrictions, including having to be microchipped and neutered.
-Enforcement and compliance: Owners who fail to comply could face a criminal record and an unlimited fine, and their dog could be seized or destroyed.
-The huge difficulties in classifying and identifying a XL Bully as the dog is a cross breed and so genetic makeup could be challenged
-Government’s urge to owners to start training their dog to wear a muzzle and walk on a lead telling breeders to stop mating XL bullies now in anticipation of the new restrictions

Hear the interview from 03:20:47: [BBC Sounds]