Sailesh Mehta writes opinion piece in Law Society Gazette

September 9, 2021

Writing for the Law Society Gazette, Sailesh Mehta has written an opinion piece looking at the recent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. He comments:

“The mass migration of people as a result of oppression, conflict, violence or serious public disorder is as ancient as human history. There are currently well over 80 million people worldwide who have been forcibly displaced. Afghanistan will add substantially to that number.”

Recounting the history of Afghanistan, its geo-politics, the persecution and terror of those fleeing the new Taliban regime and the countries around the world that seek to shelter the Afghan refugees, he concludes:

“Desperate Afghans will not be the last wave of refugees we will see. As global warming continues and climate change becomes a reality, we will see mass migration on a scale unseen in recent times. Countries will continue to enact ever harsher legislation and put up more expensive walls. But no wall will be high enough.”

Read full piece here: [Law Gazette]