Sailesh Mehta featured in Fire Protection Association Magazine

December 16, 2022

Sailesh Mehta has written his latest column for Fire Protection Association Magazine highlighting a number of key actions the new government needs to address in relation to fire safety looking at:

• Risk Assessments and Risk Assessors
• Effects of a revolving ministerial door
• The need for less deregulating and more regulation
• Tackling the cladding scandal
• An examination of the Grenfell Report and prosecutions
• Adopting a unified approach to regulation by Fire and Rescue Services

He comments:
“This is a time of great change within the fire safety industry. We need a minister with the ability and vision to guide fire safety through some major changes. If it is done half-heartedly, a great opportunity will have been lost.”

Sailesh Mehta specialises in fire law and has advised fire brigades across the country on aspects of law and policy, and prosecutes and defends, particularly in fatality cases. He leads the Red Lion Chambers’ Fire Law Team who offer expert, business focused, robust advice and advocacy. The Team represents corporations, company directors, UK fire and rescue authorities, as well as public and investigatory bodies. Learn more: [RLC Fire Law Team]

Read article here: [F&RM Legal Column October 2022]