Sailesh Mehta defends in Stolen Luxury Vehicle conspiracy case

July 10, 2024

Sailesh Mehta represented the lead defendant charged with a conspiracy to handle £7.5m of high value cars.

The defendants were part of a larger and sophisticated criminal enterprise that targeted expensive cars including Bentleys and Rolls Royces. The evidence on participation was strong but the evidence relating to the number and value of cars handled was relatively thin.

The defence team which consisted of Ieva Giedraityte of Lloyds PR Solicitors (assisted by Rio Baldwin) spent many hours analysing the prosecution evidence and converting it into schedules. This crucial, attention-to-detail work resulted in a lesser sentence for the client; of the 130 vehicles alleged to be handled, the Court accepted the joint position that only 15 were handled. The “harm” element went down from £7.5 million to around £1.2 million. A detailed analysis of video and forensic evidence also helped persuade the Court that culpability was significantly lower than the Prosecution suggested.

Sailesh Mehta prosecutes and defends in some of the most complex and high profile cases in the Crown Courts and Appellate Court and is known for providing strategic and robust advice which is often decisive in a case. Read more: [Sailesh Mehta]

Sailesh Mehta was instructed by Ieva Giedraityte, Lloyds PR Solicitors who was assisted by Rio Baldwin.