RLC’s David Etherington QC reviews new book “Nothing Like The Truth: The Trials and Tribulations of a Criminal Judge” for Law Gazette

January 14, 2022

RLC’s David Etherington QC has reviewed ‘Nothing Like the Truth: The Trials and Tribulations of a Criminal Judge’ written by Nigel Lithman QC.

In “Nothing Like the Truth”, Nigel Lithman QC provides an insight into life in the criminal courts as a barrister, QC and Crown Court judge. Using his own experience as an “exceptionally experienced and talented Queen’s Counsel and much-liked judge” he mixes tales of horror with humour and questions whether it is possible for defendants to get a fair trial.

In addition, David reports that the book highlights the author’s “strong conviction that our jury system is the best way to achieve justice in an imperfect world”, the value of the criminal justice system and the author’s anger at the declining state of the Bar.

Concluding his Review for the Law Gazette, David Etherington QC comments:

“Nothing like the Truth will entertain and inform any reader, particularly those who have been through it themselves or who might be thinking of becoming a criminal lawyer. With its unpretentious and direct approach, seasoned with enormous humour, this book also gives all of us pause for serious thought about the meaning of justice and fairness in our society.”

Read the 5* review here: [Law Gazette]