RLC participate in Education outreach session

October 13, 2022

Jack Talbot and Professor Susan Edwards took part in an “Enrichment Twilight session” at The Cardinal Wiseman Sixth Form in Greenford, Middlesex on 3 October.

The weekly Enrichment Twilight sessions take place every Monday and are available to all Year 10-11 and Sixth Form students with the first session focussing on Law.

After the session, students commented:

“Jack Talbot… explained his role as a prosecutor and defender well. He encouraged us in the idea of becoming a barrister …..[and] it was reassuring to learn about the diversity in the legal profession and the help new barristers get from their chambers.”

“It was also good to learn from Professor Susan Edwards, formerly the Dean of the University of Buckingham and expert in Human Rights, about the difference between solicitors and barristers. This point is often mistaken by lots of people, us included. Professor Edwards also spoke on her experience of being an Expert Witness and how a job in the legal system is a fulfilling career.”

The group examined a real-life fraud case, the different pathways into becoming a solicitor or barrister and gained an insight into the background and significance of the wearing of the wig and gown.

For more information on the educational projects and charities RLC work with please see: [Social Responsibility]