RLC members share their reflections on the death of George Floyd and what happens next

September 15, 2020

“We can no longer afford to educate young people on how “best” to build a life in an unequal society. There is again an opportunity to build a better legacy for future generations and to get it right.”

Michelle Nelson QC comments on the discrimination faced by Black people in the legal justice system from the time of Stephen Lawrence’s murder in London to the shocking murder of George Floyd in the US earlier this year. As a result, the Black Lives Matter movement has been a crucial catalyst in creating a new initiative spearheaded by Michelle Nelson QC and East London Business Alliance [ELBA] named SHIFT 25.

The new campaign led by a group of senior and influential Black and BAME professionals and business organisations, drawn together by Chambers and ELBA call for a fundamental shift – and for it this to happen quickly, by 2025.


RLC member Alistair Fell, working with the SHIFT 25 campaign comments:

“Fundamentally, we need institutions to bring about institutional change. This means building social institutions and economic institutions of the kind that can provide our youth with a pathway to full and meaningful development. 

Organisations like ELBA through its launch of Shift25 will have a key role to play in creating the new space and environment that we need for all minority groups.”

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