RLC member David Ormerod, CBE, KC (Hons), DCL (Hon) co-edits latest Blackstone Criminal Practice 2023

January 20, 2023

RLC member Professor David Ormerod, Professor of Criminal Justice at University College London has co-edited the latest edition of Blackstone Criminal Practice 2023 with practical guidance on law procedure through every stage of the trial and sentence.

An accompanying supplement includes the full updated text of the Criminal Procedure Rules, the Criminal Practice Directions, and the Sentencing Guidelines, as well as the key PACE Codes, Attorney General’s Guidelines, and the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

Professor Laura Hoyano (Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Oxford) and HH Peter Rook KC (Vice-Chair of the Parole Board of England and Wales) have both contributed to the latest edition.

HH Peter Rook KC contributed to the section on sexual offences bringing to that section his vast experience of all matters to do with sexual offence trials and sentencing.

RLC member, Professor Laura Hoyano has contributed to section D14 on Vulnerable Witnesses, which which sets out the regimes on Special Measures directions and anonymous witness orders. Laura has an international reputation for her research in the Criminal, Tort and Human Rights aspects of child abuse and child sexual exploitation as well as Human Trafficking, abusive relationship cases and the handling of vulnerable witnesses.

Blackstone Criminal Practice 2023 is available to buy here: [Oxford University Press]