RLC Door Tenant Professor Susan Edwards and Professor Kris Gledhill write for Counsel Magazine

February 19, 2021

“The issues considered in New Zealand’s Kempson v R echo calls for urgent law reform in England and Wales through the Domestic Abuse Bill and a standalone strangulation offence.”

Read the full piece here: [Counsel Magazine]

Professor Susan Edwards

Susan Edwards is Professor in Law Emerita Buckingham and door tenant at Red Lion Chambers. This article is part of her wider projects on gender and violence.

She authored Consent and the ‘Rough Sex’ Defence in Rape, Murder, Manslaughter and Gross Negligence [Susan SM Edwards, The Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 84, 4: pp. 293-311., 2020] and is currently writing on intimate partner violence, homicide and the criminal law and also on the impact of s55(3) Coroners and Justice Act with regard to women who kill abusive partners.

Susan is author of several books and further details can be found here: Buckingham University

She has practiced in the criminal courts and has acted as an expert in several cases relating to intimate partner violence.

Professor Kris Gledhill is a door tenant at 25 Bedford Row.