RLC door tenant Adam Pacifico has new book “The Leader’s Secret Code” shortlisted for Business Book of the Year Award

January 17, 2020

Adam Pacifico’s new book asks ‘What makes a great leader?’ exploring which beliefs, attitudes and behaviours are linked to becoming a top performing and influential leader.

Based on interviews and qualitative and quantitative analyses with some of the world’s best performing leaders, across a mix of industries, cultures and context, ‘The Leader’s Secret Code’ presents a rigorous evaluation of how leaders behave and how they are driven. Authors reveal the secret codes behind consistent and high level success in leadership and management.

As well as examining the impact culture, industry and business have on an individual the book looks at whether formal training and education really makes a difference. Adam says:

“The book allowed us to explore leaders from multiple sectors, from sport to the arts and from law to finance. What became clear from our research and interviews was the need for a human centred approach to all that leaders do in a era of constant change”

The book is already published in the UK by LID Publishing and is due for release internationally in February 2020.