RL Consultant Mark Guthrie interviewed by i paper

April 5, 2022

RL Consultant Mark Guthrie has been interviewed by the i paper on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and latest on War crimes.
Alleged reports say that Russia will be spreading disinformation on war crimes being committed in Ukraine in an attempt to influence the narrative.
US President Biden said on Monday 4 April, 2022 that Putin must face war crimes trial over civilian killings.

Mark Guthrie commented:

“The fact that Russia is trying to spread disinformation is a reflection of how powerful the message is that they might be facing war crimes.
It’s really not relevant to a war crimes prosecution because that’s going to be dependent on documented evidence.”

From 2001 until 2006 Mark worked for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) Mission to Bosnia Herzegovina where he held a number of roles including Senior Human Rights Officer and Rule of Law Adviser. He gave expert technical advice at the time of the introduction of a new criminal procedure code.

In addition, Mark has led a team of trial monitors and provided expert analysis of the local prosecution of war crimes cases and recently written an analysis for OSCE on the domestic prosecution of war crimes in Bosnia Herzegovina.

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