Rare suspended sentence in case of perverting the course of justice

September 15, 2023

Alex Benn represented a defendant charged with committing acts tending to pervert the course of justice.

Having pleaded guilty, the defendant received a suspended sentence order at Luton Crown Court.

The leading authority from the Court of Appeal states that a case of perverting the course of justice ‘almost invariably calls for a custodial sentence’: R v Abdulwahab (2018). Suspended sentences are, in this context, very unusual.

The prosecution’s case was that, over five months, the defendant made a series of false allegations to the police. He accused colleagues of attempted murder by poisoning him. He also accused them of a campaign of discriminatory harassment. He signed false statements and fabricated evidence to that effect.

In mitigation, the defence advanced medical evidence in support of the defendant’s numerous health conditions. The court also heard about his familial and personal circumstances, as well as the fact that three years had elapsed since the offending.

The time-limit has now passed in which the Attorney General may refer the case to the Court of Appeal for undue lenience. The sentence will, therefore, stand.

Alex appears on behalf of defendants at all stages of criminal proceedings. Alex has represented defendants tried for allegations including armed robbery, witness intimidation, sexual offences, supply of drugs, fraud and computer hacking. Read more: [Alex Benn Profile]

Alex was instructed by Wasef Ali of Liberty Law Solicitors.