Ramiz Gursoy secures aquittal on two counts of rape

December 2, 2016

Ramiz Gursoy, instructed by Saunders Solicitors secures an acquittal on both counts of rape by an uncle on his niece, then aged six, alleged to have occurred at his family home, under the noses of both his and her parents. 

The families were closely related.  The complainant’s family visited the defendant’s family home on a weekly basis. The rapes were said to have occurred on the top of a bunk bed in the defendant’s bedroom, when the defendant was aged 16 and the complainant only 6 years of age. The complaint however, came out several years later, when the complainant was 13 years old, following rumours at school.

It was alleged that the defendant had first raped the complainant when she was 6 years old, and repeatedly raped her every week for approximately three years thereafter. The defendant was found Not Guilty on a single count of rape and Not Guilty on repeated rapes by unanimous verdicts of the Jury.