Pupil Barrister Kitan Ososami featured in the Law Society Gazette

February 9, 2023

Pupil Barrister Kitan Ososami has featured in the latest Book Review column for the Law Society Gazette where she reviews “Sentencing and Artificial Intelligence” edited by Jesper Ryberg and Julian V Roberts.

The book is the first collective work devoted exclusively to the ethical and penal theoretical considerations of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in sentencing and asks the question “Is it morally acceptable to use artificial intelligence in the determination of sentences on those who have broken the law?” and “If so, how should such algorithms be used-and what are the consequences?”

Kitan comments:

“The law and its practitioners are not, traditionally, the most welcoming when it comes to embracing new technology. With this sentiment in mind, the idea of relinquishing the responsibility of sentencing wholly to AI is one that is, understandably, met with significant scepticism”

She concludes “How far we will go to embrace AI in sentencing remains to be seen. This volume highlights the importance of critical assessment before further adoption.”

Read Book Review here: [The Law Society Gazette]