Professor Laura Hoyano appears as Key Speaker in ‘Intermediaries for child defendants’ discussion

October 1, 2020

Professor Laura Hoyano will be joining the Children’s Rights Group at Doughty Street Chambers and the Youth Justice Legal Centre at Just for Kids Law in launching their legal guide on intermediaries for child defendants on Thursday 8th October.

Lawyers representing children in the criminal courts need to recognise when a child defendant may require an intermediary and know how to ensure that the child receives one.

The legal guide which RLC member Professor Laura Hoyano contributed to, offers practical guidance and assists practitioners in navigating the legal resources and caselaw relevant to the often misunderstood niche area of work.

Professor Laura Hoyano will be joined by other speakers including Dr Brendan O’Mahony (Forensic psychologist and registered intermediary), Joel Bennathan QC (Doughty Street Chambers), Joanne Cecil (Barrister at Garden Court Chambers)
Chaired by Katya Moran, Co-Head of the Youth Justice Legal Centre.

The event takes place on Thursday 8 October from 3.30pm-5pm. 

Register here: [eventbrite]