Old Bailey to broadcast sentencing remarks for first time- Jenni Dempster QC instructed by the Defence

July 28, 2022

For the very first time, following a change in law, broadcast news channels will be able to air a judge’s sentencing remarks from one of the most high-profile courts in the country- The Old Bailey.

RLC member Jenni Dempster QC was instructed in the case against Ben Oliver who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his grandfather in south London. He was acquitted of murder following a trial in May.

Jenni led Mark Stevens (25 Bedford Row) and was instructed by Banks and Partners Solicitors.

Ben Oliver is expected to be the first broadcasted case with only the judge, Her Honour Judge Munro QC, being filmed during any sentencing that is broadcast to protect the privacy of victims, witnesses and jurors.

Previously, proceedings were only broadcast from certain Court of Appeal cases. The contract has now been extended to the Crown Court and Sky, BBC, ITN and Press Association are able to apply to film and broadcast sentencing remarks, with the judge deciding whether to grant the request.

The broadcasting is intended to allow the public to see and hear judges explain the reasoning behind their sentences, giving a better understanding of how decisions are reached.

For more information please see: [Gov.uk]