“No Returns” – RLC features in The Times

April 14, 2022
Chambers has been profiled in a Times feature in response to the ‘no returns’ action taken across the Bar from Mon 11 April and their statement on the matter.

Jonathan Ames, Legal Editor at the Times newspaper commented that RLC’s support meant a “totemic boost” for colleagues at the Bar in a piece which examines the cut in legal aid rates, the high numbers of barristers leaving the Bar and the huge backlogs in the system. Commentary is provided from Jo Sidhu (Chair of the CBA) and Mark Fenhalls QC (Chair of the Bar Council) – robust in their support for ‘no returns’ action.

Read full piece here: [The Times]

Laura Hoyano, a member of the CBA Executive Committee, has assisted in coordinating the creation of a panel of senior barristers across the Circuits to support and give advice to colleagues in respect of the no returns action. She commented

“RLC has had (counting fairly recent years) CBA Chairs HHJ Peter Rook QC, Dame Linda Dobbs, HHJ Angela Rafferty QC, DPP Max Hill QC, all fiercely and fearlessly defending the Criminal Bar and hence a sustainable criminal justice system.”

Kate Bex QC sitting on the No Returns panel helpline tweeted:

“Pleased to have advised my 1st colleague in respect of no returns. In fact v .straightforward but lots of anxiety about leaving Ds unrepresented. Certainly not ‘irresponsible’ as Raab called it. The idea we would do this unless we had hit rock bottom is v wrong #Unitedwestand

and commented:

“I have travelled 2hrs and am about to start a full day so I am definitely not on strike. I am, however, not doing returns & fully support my colleagues who are badly affected by no returns”

Simon Spence QC, also providing assistance via the No Returns Panel Helpline stated he was

“Very pleased to have advised my first colleague in respect of no returns.”

“Symbolism matters and my colleagues at Red Lion Chambers throwing their full weight behind the No Returns policy sends a clear message”

said RLC member Tim Kiely who also penned an opinion piece for the Independent: [Independent – Tim Kiely]