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Michelle Nelson QC co-authors article for Counsel Magazine

29. Mar 2021

The Westminster Commission on Miscarriages of Justice was set up to revisit the work of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) after 25 years of operation. The Commission identified serious issues that risk miscarriages of justice remaining unidentified or unremedied.

RLC member and a Commissioner of the Westminster Commission on Miscarriages of Justice, Michelle Nelson QC co-authors an article with co-Chair of the Westminster Commission, Lord Edward Garnier QC looking at whether the CCRC is still working in the interests of justice. They comment:

"Our Commission was set up to revisit the work of the CCRC, after 25 years of operation. The report contains our conclusions and recommendations, based on the evidence, written and oral, we received. We heard from practitioners, academics and those who have experienced the criminal justice system as lawyers, witnesses and defendants, including those who felt they had been denied justice.
In our report we emphasise the continuing importance of the CCRC and its work, especially as the criminal justice system is increasingly under pressure. It examines the CCRC’s structure, resources, statutory framework and approach, as well as the wider criminal justice context."

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