Michael Goodwin QC and Tom Davies investigate Crypto Fraud writing for New Law Journal

May 31, 2022

Michael Goodwin QC and Tom Davies have investigated the growing problem of Crypto fraud and the evolving legal landscape.

Writing for New Law Journal, the RLC members have co-authored a piece with Simon Davison, Director of Investigations at AnotherDay
examining regulatory and legal responses to the challenges provided in cryptocurrency related fraud.

They comment:

“It is expected that the common law landscape will continue to develop enabling the increased recovery of cryptoassets, as the regulatory framework continues to materialise over coming months. Criminal prosecutions and confiscation proceedings featuring cryptoassets have already taken place and will increase in number.

Private prosecutions relating specifically to cryptocurrency fraud are likely to start coming before the courts as private investigations increase in numbers and assets are recovered for those seeking public justice and wanting to deter fraudsters from attacking exchanges and individuals.”

Read piece here: [Crypto fraud: an evolving legal landscape]