Michael Goodwin instructed in Operation Bronze as Leading Counsel, secures convictions in misconduct in public office trials

May 12, 2016

Michael has recently acted as Leading Counsel for a team of prosecutors responsible for securing more than 30 convictions for housing fraud on a massive scale. He has himself prosecuted 4 trials, two of which lasted 3 months each securing convictions of two Local Government employees for misconduct in a public office  responsible for more than £5m loss to public purse and money laundering. Council worker accepted bribes from illegal immigrants in exchange for council properties.  Instructed to advise upon and present these private prosecutions by the London Borough of Southwark, Michael has also prosecuted 20 fraudsters for obtaining homeless housing as part of the operation over a 3 year period. These complex cases were brought by the London Borough of Southwark as part of an initiative to combat housing fraud. The most recent conviction in the case of Trudy Ali-Balogun (and 4 others) this week resulted in a 5 year prison sentence.  Michael’s various cases have been widely reported.  Click here to read more.