Mental Health Awareness Week: One Step at a Time

May 17, 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week this year celebrates the theme of “Movement” shining a light on the profound impact of movement and exercise on our well-being.

For many, including myself, physical activity and hitting the gym is not just about staying fit; it is the foundation to good mental health.

For me, running has been a game-changer. I love running around London and taking in the city’s diverse landscapes, from busy streets to scenic parks that helps clear my mind. In a way running is a form of “moving meditation” allowing me to process my thoughts and start or end the day with a clear head.

In addition, having joined a running group has been incredibly rewarding. Running clubs have become incredibly popular and sprung up across the country. I enjoy running in a group and have been lucky enough to run with my fellow colleague Ellie Jones who recently completed the London Marathon. That influence has encouraged me and group running offers a sense of camaraderie and support. Whether you’re sharing training tips or simply enjoying a post-run coffee, the social aspect can be as beneficial as the exercise itself. These connections make the journey less lonely and more enjoyable.

Nutrition is another critical aspect for me. It complements exercise, helping to maintain overall health and improve mental clarity. If I don’t eat well, I know I won’t have the energy to move!

This Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s celebrate movement and its transformative power. Whether that is a run, getting in your steps in a lunch hour or using the stairs instead of the lift- let’s move! Every step we take is a step towards better mental health.

Abbi Bradshaw is a Practice Assistant at Red Lion Chambers: [Abbi Bradshaw Profile]