Leo Seelig appears in Court of Appeal

July 24, 2023

Leo Seelig appeared in the Court of Appeal to respond to an application referred to the full court for permission to appeal against a ruling made at a preparatory hearing.

The applicant Kawsor Miah is charged with encouragement of terrorism under s.1 Terrorism Act 2006 and support for a proscribed organisation under s.12(1A) Terrorism Act 2000.

Arguments were put forward to the Court of Appeal that it had no jurisdiction to hear the appeal. This was because the ruling which the applicant sought to appeal was not made at a preparatory hearing.

The Court of Appeal agreed and delivered a judgment expressed to be of general importance to judges and practitioners dealing in future cases concerning preparatory hearings, emphasising the need to comply with the statutory provisions.

Leo Seelig specialises in prosecuting Counter-Terrorism cases and is appointed at the highest grade as a CPS panel advocate on the Counter Terrorism panel.