Laura Hoyano writes book review for Law Society Gazette

April 25, 2023

Laura Hoyano has written a book review of Roberts & Zuckerman’s Criminal Evidence ( 3rd Ed) by Paul Roberts for the Law Society Gazette.

The book examines the foundations of principles for a fair trial, the presumption of innocence, the privilege against self-incrimination, and bad character evidence while engaging with the broader jurisprudential, moral, and political significance of evidence rules. Laura comments:

“This is not a quick reference for a barrister heading into court or madly briefing a point the night before, or for a trial judge having to make a quick ruling. It does not purport to supplant Blackstone’s Criminal Practice or Archbold’s, but has the latitude to provide more searching and comprehensive analytical context. Practitioners preparing a complex case or appeal on a point of law, or who want an intellectually stimulating refresher, will enjoy it immensely. The frequent citation of empirical research into the operation of particular evidential rules provide a grounded analysis which practitioners will often recognise.”

Awarding the book 5 stars she concludes:

“For students studying bar or solicitors vocational courses, perhaps encountering the law of evidence for the first time, this is an exemplar of powerful academic writing. It proves on every page how exciting, rather than intimidating, turgid and technical, this area of law really is.”

Read full review here: [Law Gazette]

RLC member Laura Hoyano has an international reputation for her research in the Crime and Civil Liberties & Human Rights aspects of child abuse and child sexual exploitation as well as Human Trafficking, abusive relationship cases and the handling of vulnerable witnesses. She is an Emeritus Professor of Law at University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law. Read more: [Laura Hoyano Profile]