Klentiana Mahmutaj featured in The Daily Telegraph

September 5, 2022

RLC member Klentiana Mahmutaj has been featured in The Daily Telegraph as one of the most high-profile Albanians living in Britain.

The article, which looks at celebrating the Albanian diaspora, examines Klentiana’s journey to the UK, her work as a Criminal Barrister, working as a foreign-born woman prosecuting for official bodies such as the SFO, Met Police and Environmental Agency and her passion for human rights and British history.

“Albanians are talented people,” she says in the piece. “There are only 3.1 million of us in Albania, but we’ve made huge contributions here and around the world in academia, in science, in medicine, in banking. It falls on each of us to scream about being Albanian rather than hide it.”

“Britain is home and this is my country, but it’s very important to be reminded of who you are and where you come from.”

Read piece here: [The Telegraph]

Klentiana is a Co-founder of the non-profit initiative Balkan Arbitration Conference, the second annual edition of which will take place on 29-30 September 2022 in Tirana, Albania. More info here: [Balkan Arbitration]