Klentiana Mahmutaj discusses legal professional privilege as an emerging norm in International Law

April 22, 2022

Klentiana Mahmutaj will be speaking at a conference entitled “Legal Professional Privilege: A Human Right or a barrier to Justice?” on 19th July 2022, hosted by The Northumbria Centre for Evidence and Criminal Justice Studies (NCECJS) of Northumbria Law School.

In a session entitled “LPP as a fundamental human and/or constitutional right” (11am-12.15pm) Klentiana Mahmutaj will be joined by co-speaker Dr Jorg Sladic for a session that will consider the rationale for LPP and its status as a fundamental human or constitutional right. The speakers will discuss LPP in both civil and criminal contexts and its relationship with human rights.

The session will be chaired by Professor Michael Stockdale.

The event is free to attend and will be both in person and virtual via Teams.

For more information and how to book please see: [Northumbria University]