Kate Bex QC secured a conviction for manslaughter in a case built almost entirely on circumstantial evidence.

September 26, 2018

The Ilford ‘Snapchat Queen’ was convicted of intentionally assisting another man to kill her boyfriend and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for manslaughter. The killer, who has never been arrested, arrived at the scene armed with a 13cm knife and immediately set upon the victim before fleeing the scene. As he fled, she posted to Snapchat a video of her boyfriend as he lay dying on the ground tagged with the warning “this is what happens when you f*** with me”.

The defendant had disposed of the victim’s mobile phone and deleted all messages between her and the killer from her own phones and so there was no direct evidence of their plan to harm the victim. Instead, the case against her depended on building a narrative of events leading up to the killing and exposing the lies she told during the investigation. She was described by the trial judge as “thoroughly dishonest and highly manipulative”.

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