Kate Bex QC guest speaker on BBC Radio London

September 17, 2020

RLC member Kate Bex QC appeared as a guest speaker again on BBC Radio London this morning reviewing the top news stories of the day for the Vanessa Feltz Breakfast Show. 

She spoke about:

  • The celebrity freeze on Instagram and Facebook against hate speech as part of the #StopHateForProfit campaign
  • PMQs with Angela Rayner and the Government’s refusal to provide the data underlying its claims about the average distance travelled for Covid 19 testing
  • The potential London curfew to curb a second lockdown in the city
  • Conducting trials and life at the Criminal Bar during a pandemic
  • A look at the crime figures during Covid19 and the limited resources within the Criminal Justice System
  • The man who used a snake as a face covering on bus in Manchester

Listen back to the discussion here by scrolling to 45 minutes 10 seconds in: [BBC Radio London]