Jonathan Fisher QC features in The Lawyer Magazine and interviewed by ITN News at Ten

March 3, 2022

Jonathan Fisher QC was quoted in The Lawyer Magazine’s Live Blog on the Ukraine conflict, in particular the sanctions that have been imposed on Russia and what this means for law firms. He said:

“There will be a need to review carefully the application of these sanctions, there will be issues arising in relation to the work being done prior to the sanctions, whether there can be payment taken, issues around the withdrawal of services that have been provided, there will be legal issues arising around the contractual arrangements clients will have made, it will impact on the issue of frustration. The Russians will see our sanctions as lacking legitimacy so one can expect proceedings to develop in the fullness of time.”

Read live blog here: [The Lawyer]

He was also interviewed by ITN’s News at Ten discussing the implications on Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich ahead of any sale of the club, especially if his assets are frozen.

Watch clip here from 32.03: [ITV]

Read Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford’s recent piece in the Criminal Law Review [ Jan 2022] piece on “Anti-Corruption Sanctions, The Bribery Act and Unexplained Wealth Orders [ 2022]” here: [Thomson Reuters]