Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford write for the Criminal Law Review

January 5, 2022

In the January 2022 issue of the Criminal Law Review, Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford have co-written an article on Corruption Sanctions.

Jonathan and Anita write:

“Although they might be united in their objective of combatting international corruption, the Bribery Act 2010 and the new Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations 2021 are little more than distant cousins. On key concepts they are far from aligned. This is not to say the new anti-corruption sanctions will have no impact on criminal process. Sanction designation may catalyse criminal prosecution or proceedings for civil recovery and account forfeiture. In some cases, they could lay the foundation for an unexplained wealth order. “

The piece entitled “Anti-Corruption Sanctions, The Bribery Act and Unexplained Wealth Orders, [2022]” is in Criminal Law Review, Issue 1, page 41.

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