Jonathan Fisher KC writes Comment piece for The Times

January 26, 2023

Jonathan Fisher KC has written a Comment piece for The Times examining the fight against economic crime.

In the piece, he looks at the merits of prosecuting authorities such as the SFO and FCA and how recent acquittals in high profile cases should not obscure the successes of the authorities and that any weakening of powers will send out “the wrong message to businesses”. Instead, he proposes that their abilities should be strengthened with fresh powers to facilitate investigation of fraud and corruption cases from the “bottom up” instead of “the top down” with updated requirements for the disclosure of unused material.

He commented:

“The better message for ministers to send is that they intend to strengthen the SFO’s ability to investigate and prosecute serious fraud and corruption cases by extending the circumstances in which a company can be held liable for the dishonest actions of its employees….By boosting the agency’s powers, the government can show business that it means business”

Read column here: [The Times]

Jonathan Fisher KC is ranked as a leading barrister, with extensive experience in civil, criminal and regulatory cases. Jonathan has particular expertise in the areas of Bribery & Corruption, Sanctions, Financial Services Regulation, Fraud, Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime, and Tax & Insolvency disputes. More info: [Jonathan Fisher KC]