Jonathan Fisher KC publishes preliminary findings in Independent Review of Disclosure and Fraud offences

April 25, 2024

Jonathan Fisher KC has published a paper summarising the preliminary findings from part one of the Independent Review of Disclosure and Fraud Offences: [Gov.UK]

Suggestions include imposing sanctions on prosecutors who miss deadlines and defendants who fail to engage as well as a potential ‘bespoke solution’ for the magistrates’ courts, where statutory disclosure requirements are frequently breached. In relation to AI, Jonathan is keen to explore its potential to positively support the criminal disclosure regime and improve case progression.

He concludes: “All my engagement has pointed to a need for better training and resources for disclosure issues across all parts of the criminal justice system…The importance of disclosure must be embedded as an inextricable part of the criminal trial process.”

Jonathan will submit his formal recommendations to the Home Secretary this summer. More news: [Jonathan Fisher KC announced as Chair of Government’s Independent Review]

Alongside the Independent Review, Jonathan’s busy client practice continues. Jonathan is a leading King’s Counsel in Financial Crime, Proceeds of Crime, Fraud (Civil and Criminal), and Tax (Corporate and VAT) cases. Additionally, Jonathan Fisher KC holds a PhD from LSE where he will continue to teach LLM students as a Visiting Professor in Practice. More info here: [Jonathan Fisher KC Profile]

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