Jonathan Fisher KC: “In Conversation with The Times”

November 10, 2023

Jonathan Fisher KC has been interviewed by The Times today for an “In Conversation” piece on his journey to the Bar and working as a Silk in Financial Crime.

Speaking to Catherine Baksi he reflects on taking silk in 2003 and how “junior appointments cease and you have to start a new practice all over again”, which can be “massively stressful”. He suggests that to be a successful KC one needs additional skills to those of a junior barrister. “You are part of a team, but you have to understand that the buck stops with you, so you need to give clear advice.” In addition, he says: “You need to learn how to delegate and trust your juniors, to get the best out of them,” and let go of the tendency to do everything yourself.

Jonathan also touches on Chairing the upcoming Government’s Independent Review into the Disclosure Regime and Fraud Offences- a “daunting but exciting task”

Read the interview in The Times today ( Thursday 9 November): [The Times]

A leading King’s Counsel in Financial Crime, Proceeds of Crime, Fraud (Civil and Criminal), and Tax (Corporate and VAT) cases, Jonathan Fisher KC additionally holds a PhD from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he teaches LLM students as a Visiting Professor in Practice. More info here: [Jonathan Fisher KC Profile]