Jonathan Fisher KC analyses Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

June 10, 2024

Jonathan Fisher KC has written an article where he talks about the need for solicitors to have a compliant firm-wide risk assessment in place to deal with issues such as money laundering in various transactions. He comments:

“Last year, there were 47 enforcement outcomes in relation to money laundering. In over half of the cases, the most common breaches related to AML controls. Most frequently, the solicitors failed to have a compliant firm-wide risk assessment in place. Some of these cases included elements of inadequate policies, controls and procedures and staff training.”

Read full article in Wealth Briefing: [Wealth Briefing]

Jonathan is a leading King’s Counsel in Financial Crime, Proceeds of Crime, Fraud (Civil and Criminal), and Tax (Corporate and VAT) cases. Additionally, Jonathan Fisher KC holds a PhD from LSE where he will continue to teach LLM students as a Visiting Professor in Practice. More info here: [Jonathan Fisher KC Profile]