Tenancy applications

Applicants are asked to email the following to tenancy@18rlc.co.uk:

  1. A covering letter
  2. Your CV
  3. A copy of your diary covering the previous year and the upcoming year
  4. Any references that you wish to rely on. You can assume that we will contact any members of Red Lion Chambers mentioned in any part of your application, and will ask them to keep your application confidential.

All applications for tenancies are treated in confidence. As the application progresses, you will be asked to provide further information.

We ask all applicants to complete our Diversity Monitoring Form. This information is collected solely for the purpose of enabling us to monitor equality, diversity and inclusion. It will remain confidential and will be destroyed after all applications have been processed. You are not obliged to complete all or any part of the Form. Any queries relating to your diversity data can be directed to the Diversity Data Officer at diversitydata@18rlc.co.uk.

In the event of being forced to choose between two candidates of equal excellence and ability, we will select the candidate who has had a less advantaged path to the Bar on the basis that they have displayed the greater achievement.

You should be aware that in June 2022 we moved back to our refurbished premises which have been modernised to meet our needs going forward. The costs of the refurbishment were met out of our sinking fund and require no additional call on current or future members.