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Joanna Hardy concludes death by dangerous driving trial with acquittal.

6. Dec 2019

Joanna Hardy has concluded the trial of a man accused of death by dangerous driving at the Central Criminal Court.

The case was unusual in that the defence case was one of lawful self-defence.

It was agreed between all parties that, following a disagreement, the deceased had climbed or jumped onto the defendant's car. The defendant continued to drive in circumstances and at speeds the prosecution said were dangerous. Upon braking, the deceased fell from the car and struck his head. He later died from his injuries. The prosecution case was that the driving was inherently dangerous. The defence case was that the deceased was striking the windscreen and that the defendant feared for his and his passenger's safety. He denied the driving was, in those circumstances, dangerous and asserted that he acted in lawful self defence and defence of another.

After a six day trial the defendant was acquitted.

Joanna was instructed by Edwards Duthie Shamash solicitors.

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