Jenni Dempster KC and Paul Jackson have charges dismissed after 8 week trial

December 22, 2023

Jenni Dempster KC and Paul Jackson have had conspiracy to murder and murder charges dismissed at half-time at the Central Criminal Court.

This six-handed trial concerned a series of ‘tit for tat’ shootings between two rival gangs in London also revolved around complex cell-site analysis.

Four of the remaining defendants were convicted.

Jenni Dempster KC specialises in defending cases involving Murder & Manslaughter, serious Sexual Offences and Drug Offences. More info here: [Jenni Dempster KC Profile]

Paul Jackson is a specialist defence barrister instructed to defend in cases of the utmost seriousness including a multitude of murders, serious sexual offences, multi-handed violence, a wide range of drug offences, gun crimes and serious frauds. More info here: [Paul Jackson Profile]

Both were instructed by Yasmeen Akhtar of AM International Solicitors.

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