Jane Bewsey QC & Richard Beynon win major immigration convictions.

November 6, 2014
Jane Bewsey QC and Richard Beynon recently concluded the successful prosecution of the Directors of a Company involved in a major immigration scam. The fraud was described by the learned Judge as a financially motivated, well organised operation to defeat the immigration rules . The case centred on the fraudulent application for and obtaining of a Sponsorship Licence to Sponsor non-EEA migrant workers under Tier 2 Points Based System. The next stop involved systematic abuse over a number of years by means of the fraudulent issue of large number of certificates of sponsorship, used in the grant of visas for such beneficiaries and their dependants. The case also involved the laundering of the proceeds of the sale of so called “Work Permits” through a substantial series of complex financial movements. One Director was sentenced to six years imprisonment, the other to 6 ½ years imprisonment.
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