“Introducing Red Lion Chambers”

October 16, 2023

We mark the first refurbishment of 18 Red Lion Court in 25 years with our new video “Introducing Red Lion Chambers” showing:

– The services offered by one of the leading criminal sets at the Bar- 18 RLC and our annexe in Chelmsford

– Why members choose RLC as their professional home

– Our academic and legal expertise which includes editing legal publications such as “Archbold” and “Blackstone’s” and writing for periodicals and other works

– How we ensure wellbeing throughout our working lives for all members with support, supervision, monitoring and creative activities

– Our support for nurturing and promoting women at the Bar including wellbeing support and talks on topics such as the menopause

– What makes a good pupil?

Check out our video here: [Introducing Red Lion Chambers]