IBA Magazine features RL Consultant Alan Edwards

October 16, 2023

RL Consultant Alan Edwards responded to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)’s World Drug Report 2023 which has revealed that the number of people using drugs rose to 296 million in 2021. He responded:

“In the light of the rise of synthetic drugs a new approach is required. The traditional route of rule of law cannot keep up with tweaks to the production method.” He further commented that the priority of any government should be to protect the communities it represents from harm. This doesn’t, by implication, mean strong enforcement becoming the linchpin. He continued:

“Taken out of the criminal markets, drug crimes will amount to lesser offences, such as enforcing prohibitions on supplying without a licence. It is the legislation that makes a crime, and criminals will always look for markets where demand is being suppressed through legislation. A change in approach could undermine the criminal market, making it less profitable and therefore unattractive”

Read full piece here: [International Bar Association ]

RL Consultant Alan Edwards is a Former Detective Superinitendent and an expert on combatting serious organised crime with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office: [Alan Edwards Profile]