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Gillian Jones QC leading Ed Renvoize secure acquittal for mother charged with causing or allowing death of her 12 week old baby.

15. Jan 2021

Gillian Jones QC leading Ed Renvoize secured acquittals for Lucci Smith after on the serious charges of causing or allowing the death of her 12 week old baby baby in November 2019. The six week trial involved expert medical evidence from multiple leading experts as to injury, causation and presentation. Ms Smith had always stated that she had been unaware of the injuries being caused to her baby.

The jury found her then partner guilty of causing serious injury to the baby when he was some 6 weeks old and was able to conceal it from Ms Smith, before going on to brutally assault the baby on the 1st November 2019 leading to his death days later.

Gillian and Ed were instructed by Breydons Solicitors.

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