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Fraud Resources

Bribery and Corruption : The following indices or sites may be of use:

Bribery Act 2010


Definitive Sentencing Guidelines Fraud, Bribery and Money Laundering Sentencing Council


Bribery Act Joint Prosecution Guidance (with DPP): 30 Mar 11

Bribery Act Guidance  (Oct 12)

Guidance on Corporate self-reporting (Oct 12)

Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs)

Deferred Prosecution Agreements Code of Practice


Anti-Corruption Policies collection

Bribery Act 2010 Guidance: Quick Start Guide  (MoJ)

Bribery Risks: Overseas by Country: UK Gov. Worldwide Help and Services

Global Declaration against corruption: Cabinet Office 9 Dec 16.

Guidance on s9 of the Bribery Act 2010  MoJ Mar 11

Whistleblowing for Employees

Transparency International

Corruptions Perceptions Index (by country)

Annual Corruption Perceptions Indices 1995 to date

Global-Anti-Corruption Guidance

Other Agencies

OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions

UN Convention against Corruption (2004)

ABC (Anti-Bribery and Compliance) Guidance: Wolfsberg Group: 4 July 2017

Sanctions: Lists of targets, (individuals), general guidance, and identified countries or regimes are consolidated regularly updated on the OFSI -Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation website.

Also see link to the OFSI Financial Sanctions targets: list of all asset freeze targets.

See also the Export Control Organisation (ECO) [part of the Department of International Trade (DIT)] website for Notices to Exporters.

As of 1 April 2017 all new UN financial sanctions have immediate effect in the UK following United Nations and European Union Financial Sanctions (Linking) Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/478).

The Policing and Crime Act 2017 Part 8 gives the OFSI power to impose financial penalties for breach of financial sanctions.

See also the new Sanctions and Anti Money Laundering Act 2018 which came into force 23.05.2018

Panama and Paradise Papers

Mossack Fonseca / Panama Papers

The Mossack Fonseca database established by the ICLJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) has been the subject of a government Panama Papers Taskforce since April 2016.  A ministerial update  states civil and criminal tax investigations have been opened in 22 cases: 26 Dec 2016.

Annual review and update on the effect of the publication of the Mossack Fonseca Panama Papers leaks and the searchable ICIJ database.

See Also Mossack Fonseca (Panama Papers): Treasury written answer to Disclosure of Information request: 16 Nov 17

Company Searches

Useful Forensic & Statistical Evidence Websites

Forensic Science Providers: (UK)  Codes of Practice and Conduct (2014 to date) : Appendices deal with bloodstain patterns; DNA; digital forensic services; videos; speech and audio forensic analysis; cell sites; and fingerprints.

Forensic Science Regulator (UK)

Forensic Science Regulator: Guidance on Legal Obligations and Archived Guidance  (UK)

Statistics and Probability for Advocates: Understanding the use of statistical evidence in courts and tribunals: COIC /RSS (Council of the Inns of Court/ Royal Statistical Society): 5 Oct 17. The RSS also produces:

Fundamentals of probability and statistical evidence in criminal proceedings (Nov 10)

Assessing the probative value of DNA evidence (Mar 12)

The logic of forensic proof: inferential reasoning in criminal evidence and forensic science: May 14

Case assessment and interpretation of expert evidence (Jan 15)

Cartel Websites

Cartel Screening Tool: issued by CMA (Cartel and Markets Authority): 13 July 17. a free tool to help spot unusual bidder behaviour and pricing patterns identified in past cartels. It will tell you which (if any) of your procurement exercises show any signs of bid-rigging.

CMA Cases: current Cartel and Market investigations

CMA Competition Law and cartels: Guidance, forms, registers, tools, research and evaluation, consultations, latest news

Other Potentially Useful Sites

CIA World Factbook

Country Codes: BT

List of all UK Area Codes: area-codes.org

UK Bank Sort Code Checker

Bank Code data (Swift Codes, German BLZ Codes, BSB numbers, IBAN Calculator etc)

Airport Codes IATA, ICAO and FAA

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Fraud Resources

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