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Fraud Newsletter 64 February 2022

Fraud Newsletter No. 64 February 2022 (18 downloads)


Persons under criminal investigation entitled to reasonable expectation of privacy before charge: Bloomberg v ZXC UKSC 5. 

MTIC fraud – Director found to be a knowing party- Dishonesty: useful review of dishonesty, knowledge, blind eye and Ivey: Hall (Liquidator of JD Group) v Bhatia [2022] EWHC 202 (Ch). 


Nothing of moment. 


Online Safety law to be strengthened to stamp out illegal content: providers to identify & remove illegal content including fraud, financial crime, ML: DDCMS / HO 4 Feb 22. 

Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Regulations 2022: SI 2022 No. 137 in force 9 Mar 22, requiring UK express trusts with taxable consequences also to collect details of beneficial ownership and registers with HMRC. Explanatory Memorandum 

Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Bill 2022: Registration of overseas entities; Unexplained Wealth Orders; Sanctions. 


Mutual Legal Assistance- Guidance: Home Office: updated: 24 Feb 22.  

COVID-19 cost tracker update: Public Accounts C’tee: 23 Feb 21 re estimated losses between £12.4Bn – £20.14Bn (about 70% from BBLS and Job Retention). 

 The 2022 Crypto Crime Report: Original data and research into crypto-currency based crime: Chainalysis: Feb 22. 

EBA Report on competent authorities’ responses to the 2020 Luanda leaks by ICIJ re finances of daughter of ex Angolan president: 22 Feb 22.  

2021 Trends Show Increased Globalized Threat of Ransomware: Joint Advisory from NCSC & others: 9 Feb 22. 

Intellectual Property Counter-Infringement Strategy 2022 -27 : IPO: 4 Feb 22 

Economic Crime: 11th Report HoC Treasury C’tee: 2 Feb 22. Summary 

Victim and Witness Care in the SFO: HMCPSI: 27 Jan 22 

Monetary penalties for breaches of financial sanctions: Guidance: OFSI/ HMT: updated 28 Jan 22. 

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