Francesca Kirby secures unanimous acquittal for Robbery

February 6, 2023

Francesca Kirby has secured an unanimous acquittal for a defendant charged with street robbery following a 4 day trial at Cambridge Crown Court.

The prosecution’s case was that the defendant had been going into a local bank to select targets for the co-defendant who ended up robbing an elderly lady of her handbag. The co-defendant pleaded guilty to the robbery and did not feature in the trial.

The defendant denied having any knowledge of the co-defendant’s actions and acting as an accomplice. She was only in the bank to check whether money from her mother had been received.

The jury returned an unanimous acquittal.

Francesca has a busy Crime practice defending and prosecuting a broad range of offences and has appeared in cases involving Serious Violence, Sexual Offences, Drugs Offences and Restraint, Civil Recovery & Confiscation proceedings: [Francesca Kirby Profile ]

Francesca Kirby was instructed by Bal Dhaliwal Solicitors