Francesca Kirby attends the 2021 Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference

December 2, 2021

Francesca Kirby attended the 2021 Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference – the theme of which this year was recovery, growth and transformation.

Attending the sessions held over the 3 days, Francesca reviews the discussions, including the effects of Covid on the Bar, court backlogs, retention rates at the Junior Bar, the Bar Council Race report and the use of social media and working with the press.

Sharing her experience in a Guest blog post written for the Bar Council, she commented that:

“I came away from the conference encouraged and focused. I believe this profession will do everything it can to meet the challenges posed, but also to advocate for change and transform the bar into the just, efficient and diverse place we all know it can be.”

Read the full piece here: [Bar Council]