Faye Rolfe instructed as Defence Junior in attempted murder trial

November 8, 2023

Faye Rolfe is instructed as defence junior in the trial of a man charged with attempted murder alongside two co-defendants.

The case arises out of an attempted burglary of a cannabis farm in Southend, in which two rival gang members were chased in cars, one teenager being run over and left in a critical condition, the other struck and then stabbed.

Faye is regularly instructed to defend individuals facing allegations of violence, sexual offending and financial wrongdoing. Faye also prosecutes for the Crown Prosecution Service at grade 2 both alone and being led in cases concerning serious organised crime, and complex financial crime. She is able to provide representation and advice at every stage of a case, across the range of cases before the criminal courts and in regulatory matters: [Faye Rolfe Profile]

Faye has been instructed by Mohsin Ariff of Lloyds PR Solicitors and is being led by Mark Stevens of 25 Bedford Row.