Faras Baloch writes for New Law Journal

March 10, 2022

Faras Baloch charts the potential role of artificial intelligence in disclosure and privilege review in criminal cases in a piece entitled “Man or Machine?” writing for New Law Journal.

The piece looks at how computers can “learn” from humans, the potential complications of large datasets and what we can expect from AI in the future.

Faras comments:

“Artificial intelligence is part of the solution, but it is no silver bullet. It won’t be suitable in every case. Where it is used, humans will still play a crucial role in reviewing data, quality assurance and agreeing protocols. However, a future in which small teams of experienced lawyers spend a few months creating training data and quality assuring a classifier is, in my view, more likely and more desirable than ever-expanding teams of disclosure counsel spending years in a manual review”

Read full piece here: [New Law Journal]

See PDF here: [Man or Machine?]