Election for Vice Chair of the Criminal Bar Association

June 27, 2017

Red Lion Chambers is aware of comments on social media concerning aspects of Simon Spence QC’s manifesto. The manifesto is his personal statement, drafted and presented by him alone. It does not in any way represent a collective position on behalf of Red Lion Chambers. 

The election for Vice Chair of the CBA is a free vote in which every member must decide for himself/herself.  How votes are cast is a matter for each member of the Bar alone, free from pressure and influence. It does not help to threaten professional consequences to those who may vote a particular way. This would not be acceptable in any election. Individual members will decide how best to cast their vote and will carefully assess each candidate’s manifesto. 

Red Lion Chambers has produced four previous Chairmen of the Criminal Bar Association (David Cocks QC, Peter Rook QC, Linda Dobbs QC and Max Hill QC), with Angela Rafferty QC taking the Chair on 1st September. All have enjoyed wide support from the legal professions, of which Red Lion Chambers is rightly proud.